ROinvesting Experience and Test 2021

71% of retail investor accounts lose money …



ROinvesting Experience and Test 2021

71% of retail investor accounts lose money …

ROinvesting Experience and Test 2021



71% of retail investor accounts lose money …

ROinvesting Experience and Test 2021


ROinvesting broker is known for its online trading service to traders and financial investors. Royal Forex Limited is behind its operations worldwide. The brokerage firms come with technology powered terminals. It was founded in 2017 with the motive to offer the best trading platforms and environment to traders. It provides multiple trading instruments, including indices, forex, commodities and stocks. Customer service is available 24*7, and it caters to a myriad range of clients globally.

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Trading with ROinvesting

But is ROinvesting a safe broker for trading? Or is it a scam?

How do the trading platforms like MetaTrader4 works on it? What are the things that make the broker better than others? What is the fees structure? What are the pros and cons a trader may have to face by aligning with ROinvesting? How do you make deposits and withdraw your funds?

How good are its features and tools? What are the overall advantages and disadvantages of trading with it?

The following review takes into consideration all these queries and more for traders and readers who want to know more about the broker.

Advantages and disadvantages of ROinvesting

The innovative trading platforms are the best selling points of the ROinvesting broker. It attracts investors towards investment in the financial market. It leads to a jubilant experience of a trader. The brokerage company is advancing its features every passing minute. The website is well programmed to accommodate traders with their needs for tools, pivotal information, news and resolve their queries on crucial junctures.

Thus, traders feel safe with it. Also, the funds are kept in segregated accounts. So, the activity helps in building trust in the broker.

After running a test on ROinvesting, you can find that the broker offers several types of products or instruments, including indices, forex, ETFs, stocks, metals, and commodities. These options summon diversity in your portfolio.

Another plus point is that you can choose from over 30 analytical tools, use multiple chart windows and seek advantages from them. In addition, you can receive the trade signals from the technological advancements of mobile and WebTrader platforms.

The data encryption technology is top-class. Where else would you find such a trading experience? The advanced trading technologies are keeping clients updated and on their toes while they invest in different assets.

The broker allows the threshold for novice traders to acclimate to the condition quickly and seamlessly by using the demo account facility.

What is ROinvesting?

ROinvesting is an online trading website that works under the aegis of Royal Forex Limited. It found the establishment in the year 2017. It is based in Cyprus and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It accords plenty of trading opportunities to clients through investment in numerous trading markets across the world.

Its mainstays remain advanced technology solutions. The performance during execution of bids and transactions of amounts are some of the finest features that it drives on. The dependable customer care service and safe transaction services keep it in the stiff competition of trading.

It adheres to the jurisdiction of the country and follows the standard norms of regulations. The broker is located at City Home 81, 3rd floor, 128-130 Limassol Avenue, 2015 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The broker has several customers in different countries. Thus, they can trade various product and their assets.

In the forex market, they can avail the opportunity to trade major, minor and exotic currencies and currency pairs, such as EUR/GBP, GBP/CAD, USD/CAD, EUR/AUD,  USD/HKD, GBP/USD and many others.

MetaTrader4 platform

With the comfort of your PC or desktop, you can use the best features of the MT4 platform, which is among the best as per the industry standards.

Stocks and Forex at ROinvesting

You can trade the world’s most renowned companies through different currencies. The broker allows you to invest in JP Morgan, Facebook, Apple, Nike, British Petroleum and other stocks.

Through currency pairs, you can take advantage of essential companies.

Forex is a technological breakthrough for traders, investors and companies alike. You cannot counterfeit or double-spend it anyway due to the tight security. The broker offers to sell and buy EUR, GBP, USD etc.

Company Details

Assets Basic Customer Service
30 Plus Stocks Country: Cyprus Email Id
Indices License: CySEC Phone Number
Forex Established: 2017 Live Chat Support

In 4 Steps to the ROinvesting Account

For opening a customer account, you do not require a lot of time. The broker asks for some legitimate information and verifies your details.

If you are opening a new account as a novice or veteran trader, then it makes no difference to you at all. You have to pass on some personal data to reregister with ROinvesting. Mention your first and last name, followed by your email address and a robust password. Place a tick on the boxes below the details sections and continue.

The website further asks for detailed information, including residential address and identification documents like government ids or passports. Provide them with that. It will take some time for verification. Once the verification is complete, you can move ahead.

Now, after the verification completes, you have to select the payment method and option for depositing funds in the brokerage account for trading.

Choose your favourite market and asset and place the bids accordingly.

Types of Accounts on ROInvesting

The brokerage website offers three types of trading accounts to retail traders, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver Account Gold Account Platinum Account
FX Leverage: 1:30 FX Leverage: 1:30 FX Leverage: 1:30
Fifth Decimal Fifth Decimal Fifth Decimal
- Dedicated account manager Dedicated account manager
- Swap discount 25 per cent Swap discount 50 per cent

What is the minimum deposit?

When you talk about the minimum deposit function of the broker, you can say that the broker provides some of the best services to its customers. It is the maiden deposit that you make after creating your account with the trading website. It enables you to begin your sojourn of investments.

For depositing funds, you do not need to pay any commissions or charges to the broker.

Minimum Deposit Amount
Silver Account USD 250
Gold Account USD 250
Platinum Account USD 250

Furthermore, you can use different payment modes, as per your requirements for depositing the funds. It includes bank wire transfers, credit-debit cards and several e-wallets

How can I open or close a ROinvesting trade?

The trading is not complicated on ROinvesting platforms like MetaTrader 4 or WebTrader. You can explicitly use the values of your targets or wish lists that you’ve marked as a strategy.

You get confronted with several suggestions once you open the page.

As per your convenience, you can switch between selling and buying your assets. You get a special feature.

Opt the amount you want to invest in the market. You can set leverage, a stop-loss or take profit option.

If you are not paid the funds, do it in the next step.

With mere a click on your mouse, you can close the trade easIn addition, you’llou’ll realise the amount of returns you may return shortly.

Open a demo account with ROinvesting

The best part is you do not need any funds for opening a demo account.

ROinvesting recommends its clients use the demo account for getting first-hand experience of the trading market.

The ROinvesting Mobile App

By using the advanced mobile app by ROinvesting, you can hit the jackpot. A trader gets a chance to trade 350 plus assets. You can feel the power of technology after downloading it. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. Thus, you can have complete control over your bids irrespective of the place you are at. You receive the exact functionality as web or desktop versions.

So, you can trade all instruments and products at your fingertips and buy and sell them anytime.

Some additional features on the mobile app:

ROinvesting Test: Payment Methods

If you wish to make a deposit on the platform, the broker offers you plenty of methods and options to thrive or excel. Irrespective of you are a member of any club; the website allows you to go full throttle with your choices of investments and to refill your accounts with funds.

ROinvesting Test: Payment Methods

Skrill MIR Limited Payvision
Neteller Wirecard OrangePay
SafeCharge DECTA Inpay
EmerchatPay PowerCash Paysafe
PayPal Maestro VPay

ROinvesting experience: License & Security

The brokerage firm is completely licensed and secured in Cyprus. So, traders do not need to feel jittery while they make investment decisions. Royal Forex Limited trades the broker. (269/15). The firm is part of e Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) which look towards the security of clients funds.

The brokerage firm pay adhere attention to safety features, it uses advanced encryption systems and segregation of clients funds in Tier 1 banking solutions to protect customers data and funds.

What happens if ROinvesting goes bankrupt?

Traders don’t have to worry about bankruptcy if this happens clients funds are safe as the firm is regulated and authorised and it’s the part of ICF which look after the clients funds up to 20,000 Euros.

Can you trust ROinvesting?

The broker comprises all security formalities and walks under the jurisdiction of Cyprus. Thus, it is easy for you to trade with the broker. Moreover, CySEC regulates the broker. So, you feel better while investing your money here.

Also, the broker is protected by SSL encryption. So, your data is safe with the brokerage firm.

How safe is my money with ROinvesting?

Client’s funds are safe with ROinvesting as the broker pays due attention towards the security it uses segregation of funds into the topmost reputed banking institutions.

ROinvesting test: Customer Service & Support

As soon as you get stuck while trading with the broker or an error occurs out of the blue, the customer support service has your back to provide you with the best assistance while you can trade without any inhibitions.

At ROinvesting, you get the finest options for getting in touch with the customer care staff for resolving your issues.

So, you can contact them easily with any of the ways. The customer service staff is more than happy to assist clients.

PS: The support team is available between Monday to Friday from 07:00 – 18:00 GMT.

ROinvesting Fees

Providers ROinvesting
Spread Once the position opens, the spread varies on the different assets you trade. On Platinum account, it is available at 18 points
Deposit No commission/ Free
Swap charges Applicable overnight
Currency conversion Chargeable

Is ROinvesting a scam or serious?

After evaluating the ROinvesting broker keenly and meticulously, one thing is sure that the website abides by all laws and regulations of the land. It follows every safety standard that ensures the well-being of its customers.

The website is used by plenty of users worldwide, and it is running successfully for more than four years now. It has won many awards for its good services which substantiate the quality.

So, you can trust the broker with no reports going against it after a thorough investigation.


The broker is safe for users and packs all benefits that you may require to earn good revenue as a professional or an amateur trader. The experience with ROinvesting shows that it has plenty of stock companies, including Apple and Facebook, that can help you make good profits.

You can invest in a wide variety of markets and enhance your portfolio with metals, ETFs, stocks, commodities, indices and forex.

You will feel convinced with its mobile trading app and desktop features. The interface is quick and helpful for traders. Its MetaTrader4 trading platform spells magic during the market’s uncertainty and provides stability with multiple tools and chart features.


ROinvesting is an online brokerage firm that offers trading on a wide range of tradable assets.

ROinvesting is the most trusted brand in the industry, it offers exceptional trading services and conditions.

The broker offers commission-free trading while earns through some spreads and swap charges. Spreads are very competitive and start as low as 0.7.

ROinvesting is the leading and most reliable brokerage firm. The firm is highly regulated and authorised by CySEC.

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